Pros And Cons Of Affirmative Action In Claudia Rankine's Citizen

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“But because of affirmative action or minority something—she is not sure what they are calling it these days and weren’t they supposed to get rid of it?,” writes Claudia Rankine in her critically acclaimed American book, Citizen. Within this quote, Rankine begins to showcase the narrative of a black women in a society that strives to be color blind. Affirmative action has caused controversy as it threatens white supremacy since it favors diversity. The bitter attitude towards affirmative action expressed by whites, causes people of color to feel apologetic for their achievements and opportunities. Claudia Rankine reveals how white supremacist attitudes trigger people of color to live their life in an apologetic nature through the short stories of the cafeteria, the neighbor calling the police, and the Serena William’s celebratory dance. From the very beginning, the narrator points out that she is visiting the white woman’s campus even though it is also her alma mater. The narrator demonstrates an understanding that the white woman probably does not recognize that this is a shared space. The white woman’s expressed hostility towards the narrator when she discovers that she attends the school where her son was rejected. By accusing affirmative action as the reason for her son being rejected, it reinforces the idea that the narrator is less qualified than the white woman’s son and that her admittance was only granted to contribute to the diversification of the campus. The white

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