Reverse Discrimination Research Paper

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Malcolm Kimbro
Professor Smith
English Composition 101
9 February 2018
One in the Same Discrimination Affirmative action has been misunderstood over generations of time, but discrimination is still alive today within politics, occupations, and overall society. In the shadow of reality, the Affirmation Action Policy has been corrupted from American citizens in result of unseen reverse discrimination. The controversial topic aims to achieve both racial and gender equality by also aiming towards improving opportunities without bias treatment. Affirmative action arise from employment or education that insist reverse discrimination. The economic empowerment that has taken forth with Affirmative Action upheld its arrangement fully toward minority
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College applicant are being selected by more of what's on the outside then what's on the inside. These people are denied by certain workforces based on ethnicity within the repeat of history. College performance would be lower using proxy-based affirmative action than using traditional affirmative action. (Long 178) Most Caucasian universities gradually feel pressure to admit more black students. Education for minority students has continued to be secretly separate and unequal. Currently now in this generation two-third of minority students still attend schools that are mainly minority, most of them located in cities, and funded well below those in the suburban districts. The U.S educational system is one of the most irregular in the world, and students routinely receive dramatically different learning options based on their social status. (Darling-Hammond 1) When it comes to employment, the use of affirmative action is much different than the education expectation. Majority of today situation that deals with discrimination when it comes to employment concern not only race but gender as well. For example, during a 1996 case in Northern District of California Butler v. Home Depot. Ms. Butler was denied and segregated against Home Depot to work in sales and management positions. The case was settled in $87.5 million and extensive injunctive relief including a seven-year compliance period. (GBDH…show more content…
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