Pros And Cons Of Age Constraints

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2.3 Doctors 2.3.1. Description of the Occupation One of the occupation that requiring rapid reaction and emphasis on good memory is doctors. It is very important for doctor to have a good memory because they need to memorize all the procedures, theories and knowledge during training and practice. Moreover, they need to have good memory to relate particular symptoms to particular diseases and the ways to cure the disease. 2.3.2. Age Constraints Doctor is restricted by age constraints. However, according to Malaysia Medical Council (2015), medical practitioners who desire to continue to make these contributions beyond the age of 70 years is supported but is guided with the terms and condition. First, the registered medical practitioner is “fit to work” and will continue to participate in appropriate continuing professional development. If a registered medical practitioner is not “fit to work” unless he or she has the requisite qualifications, skills and competence or is physically and mentally fit for that work. 2.3.4. Pros and Cons of Age Restrictions There are pros and cons of such restriction. Firstly, the pros of age restriction is to protect old adult against from wrong judgment. The age of 65 is chosen as an average age above which it is possible for people to experience problems with their physical or mental well-being. Age restriction would protect against the old adult from making mistakes or misjudgments. There are findings found that working memory decline

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