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TITLE Airbnb in Tokyo - How To Save Money In The World's Biggest Capital LEAD PARAGRAPH Tokyo is known for its mix of old and new combined, with the ancient temples mingling with the skyscrapers. The most populous city in the world however is also known as one of the most expensive, which is always a concern when tourists want to travel to one of Asia's biggest cultural hubs. As a city that attracts over 13 million tourists a year, Tokyo is in high demand and it's not slowing down, with the accommodation being the part that burns a hole in your pocket the most. However, there is hope outside of staying in capsule hotels; the rise of sites like Airbnb have made a trip to Tokyo, and Japan itself, a whole lot cheaper. Just using an Airbnb alone can save you hundreds of dollars in hotel bills, with the chance to see how real Tokyo residents live at the same time. Here's the best way to get around Tokyo and saving yourself money in the…show more content…
An Airbnb I stayed at in Tokyo was just across from Sugamo JR Station, a train station very close to the heart of Tokyo, which saved us around 51,250 JPN (500 USD) in accommodation. Despite it's convenience, it was very compact and not the most spacious of living arrangements, with a small futon area to sleep and the smallest of bathroom space. However, an additional benefit to using an Airbnb is that you tend to have extra amenities like your own kitchen and washing space - things that aren't available in your average hotel or hostel, as well as portable wifi and a mini television. Although compact, the apartment has exactly what you needed and cut the accommodation costs by half. This alone allows you to cut back on restaurant spending by being able to buy groceries for your apartment, souvenirs, tourist attractions, and other

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