Pros And Cons Of Aktion T4

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Aktion T4 is a program consisting of mass casualties of individuals that are elderly, mentally ill, physically handicapped, and those with incurable diseases by forced euthanasia. There are arguments that Aktion T4 is just one of many cases of atrocities that should be included in school curriculum or everyday general knowledge. Reasoning that there’s to many cases by saying that there 's no time to cover “everything”. Also arguing that knowing what to put in curriculum and what to talk about is too hard to discern. But following that logic is a lazy and apathetic excuse used by cowards who refuse to see the bigger picture. Individuals should be more aware of events beyond the “highlighted” historical moments or moments that are gruesome and interesting to talk about. If one does not recognize the bigger picture and the consequences to history the impact will be massive. Society will cease to grow in intellect and become dumbed down. Society will never see oppression or fatalistic accidents coming for them because history can repeat itself if the eyes are blind. Even worse is that those who cannot…show more content…
In this case the topic covers the atrocity of Aktion T4 (T4, Action T4, and many more names). T4 is the euthanasia program forced upon individuals with disabilities and illnesses. The name T4 stems from where the command center of this program was located, which is located on Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Germany and the name Aktion is simply German for action (T4 - Memorial and Information Centre for the Victims of the Nazi Euthanasia Programme ) Most individual’s shorthand the name to T4 because of how many names that has been created for this program. Under the order of Adolf Hitler T4 was drafted in the 1930s which then got passed down to Chancellery Chief Philipp Bohler and Dr. Karl Brandt to oversee the project and the programs failure or success.
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