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Escape From Alcatraz: Did They Survive? Created to house the most intimidating criminals, the critically acclaimed maximum prison proved to be less efficient than planned. Alcatraz was a desolate, dreary abode for the cruelest of criminals. With strict regulations and isolated conditions, prisoners were pushed to their very extent. “A prisoner at Alcatraz found himself in a harsh, isolated world..” (Source A). Many men have tried to escape and failed. Either recaptured or drowned, all but three escapees are accounted for. Brothers John and Clarence Anglin, with the help of James Morris, led one of the most controversial prison escapes of the 20th century. The mysterious tale of the escape from Alcatraz has led to many conspiracies. Some…show more content…
In his teens he had a record of petty crimes such as robbery and drug possession; however, the robberies grew in scale and Morris was sent to a federal prison. Each time he was convicted, Morris managed to escape. This earned him a spot in the famous Alcatraz. In a cell adjourning Morris were brothers John and Clarence Anglin. They too were sent to Alcatraz for attempted escape. Lucky for them, they were placed next to Morris, whom they had met years earlier in another facility. James Morris was known in the prison world as “possessing super intelligence” (source D). With the help of one other fellow prisoner, the three formulated a plan to break free. There are three basic principles that must be observed to break free, “patience, cunning, and creativity” (source A). The prisoners exhibited each trait during their time at…show more content…
Due to poor planning, Allen West was unable to escape his cell. Because he focused most of his time creating the raft, he was unable to fully break the barrier to the ventilation system. The others continued on without him. After shimmying down the side of the building, the men faced the roaring waters of the San Francisco Bay. After they took to the water, James Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin ceased to exist. Assumed dead, officers stopped further investigations. Most of the information for this massive escape was retrieved from West as he was later found left

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