Reasons Why Aliens Exist

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We, humans, have always been interested in the cosmic realm where we reside. Our questions are as countless as the stars across the night sky. Among these questions, one caught the interest of various great minds. Even if aliens exist, how come we cannot interact with them? This question originated from an erstwhile uncertainty. Are we forlorn in the cosmos? Of all the planets in the universe, is Earth the only one which can support life? This is the topic that was intensely debated upon by scientists before until now. Frank Drake estimated that there are probably a million or so of intelligent, communicating civilizations in our galaxy. Although the Drake’s Equation cannot be considered as direct evidence, it is a convincing statistical…show more content…
There are already numerous methods invented and are currently being developed. The earliest methods include the use of visual signals which was idealized by several 19th century scientists as means of interacting with Venusians and Martians. Sky Telegraph was conceptualized. Imagine a large image which could be viewed as a whole only from the skies. This “sky telegraph” is an equipment to communicate with the supposed inhabitants of the solar system's planets. In this method, light was primarily the medium used to transmit signals. However, light—as we know it—can be obstructed by interstellar dusts. Nowadays, it is generally presumed that the more appropriate instrument for alien communication is the radio. Radio waves—especially microwaves—are the most proficient channels of messages for the reason that radio waves are less likely to be affected by cosmic dust than visible light. They can also cross the threshold of the Earth’s atmosphere. Aside from that, there is very little circumstantial interference—either from man-made or galactic sources—for radio waves. Simply put, there is less of a radio background to take care of in the

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