Pros And Cons Of Alkaline Water

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• Alkaline water is beneficial because it contains higher pH level compared to tap water. It aids to even out the acid level in the body which is known to cause chronic illnesses . Moreover it contains dissolved minerals which the body can easily absorb and use.
• It helps in preventing osteoporosis since it also prevents the body from filtrating alkaline minerals from the tissues and bones.
• Because alkaline water is made up of smaller clumps of water molecules compared to tap water, it has the ability to pass in and out of the cells thus, keeping the body hydrated while flushing the toxins.
• Those who practice alternative medicine also believe that by simply raising the body’s alkaline level, diseases and other ailments can be cured. Apparently, cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment , it is known to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.


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One should invest in a special filter at home to have a supply of pure alkaline water.
• Despite the various claims that alkaline water is beneficial, still there are no official studies conducted that will support and verify alkaline water’s validity as a natural remedy.
• Anything consumed in excess can also harm the balance in our body thus, drinking too much alkaline water can have potential harm to our

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