Pros And Cons Of Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer’s Compromise

Discovering the best care for alzheimer's patients is a never ending controversy many families are faced with. I can say from experience that my family and I put in a lot of time and love when caring for my grandpa who had alzheimer's. Growing up my grandpa and I were very close. He was a very strong and smart man who worked in the health department and was even a veteran of the U.S army. He was a man no one would ever have predicted to get alzheimer's. Unfortunately Alzheimer's can affect anyone, it is a disease that weakens the memory more and more as time goes on and eventually turns into Dementia. In 2007 my grandpa started to develop Alzheimer’s and my grandma wanted to make sure he would be cared for by his
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A elderly care home would be very safe for a alzheimer’s patients. The patient would be able to receive around the clock care by professionals. As for a home health nurse this option would also be highly beneficial to patients because they would be able to be taken care of in the comfort of their own home. The drastic change of living in a entire new environment such as a elderly care home may not suit everyone. In my opinion patients would much rather be cared for in a location they are familiar…show more content…
There is a ultimate compromise that my family decided to turn to when the elderly home seemed to expensive and my grandpa didn’t need a home health nurse just yet. This compromise would be to care for the alzheimer’s patient at home and by family members. In my opinion I do think being cared for by family members in the comfort of the patient’s own home would be the best opinion in favor of the patient with alzheimer’s. Depending on the family everyone may have their own opinion on how a alzheimer’s patient should be cared for. In my argument the compromise of taking care of a patient with the help of all family members would be most comforting to the alzheimer’s
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