Essay On The Spanish American Revolution

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There were four main revolutions taken place and they were known as the Atlantic Revolutions including the North American Revolution from 1775 to 1787, French Revolution from 1789 to 1815, Haitian Revolution from 1791 to 1804, and Spanish Revolution from 1810 to 1825. These revolutions arise due to the oppression of people towards the political issues and injustice to the different class of people in the society. Also, the revolutions originated to the weak political authorities, especially the ruler. For the American Revolutions, the Americans opposed the political issues and the weak government. There were wars between Britain and France, and whenever wars happened, the cost of wars increased leading to a high demand of money from the government.…show more content…
Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a military leader who became emperor of France after the French revolution. He ruled as a dictator for 15 years and tried to conquer Europe. He was exiled and died on the island of alba. He tamed the revolution, which emphasized on social equality but dispensed with liberty. The two Spanish kings, Carlos IV and King Fernando, were forced by Napoleon Bonaparte to abdicate the throne and replaced by his brother, Joseph Bonaparte. This led to the imperial crisis as citizens were confused about which legitimate ruler and legal policies should they obey at that time. Another factor leading to Spanish American Revolution was actually similar to that of North American Revolution and French Revolution. The weak government raised taxes and tariffs for the citizens and traders. Mercantilism was the main reason for the increase of tariffs. Traders were restricted to import goods outside France while export brought benefits and profits to France in rulers’ point of view. Native-born professionals and elites in the Spain were insulted by Spanish kings in order to exercise their power over the citizens of the colonies and to set heavy taxes to them. Therefore, the elites brought about enlightenment to arouse public awareness about the overthrow of government upon
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