Why People Abandon Animals

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Did you know that “approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S animal shelters nationwide every year,” stated the article, “Shelter Intake and Surrender” Also, according to the article, “approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year.” But would you like to know more facts about these two things? Well then just keep reading!

Why do people abandon and adopt?

Lots of people abandon and adopt an animal, but why do they adopt or abandon? Well, according to the article, “Why People Abandon Animals” it states, “Moving out of state…”, “No space in new home…” and, because of behavior problems. This means that the animal will not be able to come with them. That the owner will either have to put it on the side of the
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I think that pitbulls are brought to shelters because a lot of people think that pitbulls are vicious, so a lot more people abandon them. I also think people need to give that animal a second chance at life before giving up on it. Also according to the article about 30% of shelter dogs are eventually claimed by owner, and that 5,000 dogs are killed every day. When people kill and animal I think that they are commiting a murder of an animal, but sometimes life is life and you just have to deal with it. I think that animal shelters need to be bigger so more animals can fit and when an animal cannot fit in the shelter bring it to another shelter it needs another chance at life. Now, there are a lot of facts about animal adoption also, like according to the same article, “Only 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are adopted from shelters each year,” This is a good thing, animals are getting another chance at life, to prove to the owner that they are worth something and not worth anything from what the owner probably thinks. Think about this, if you were an animal, would you rather be adopted or…show more content…
You may think ,”No one. I bet no one care about these problems.” Well your wrong. Many people help out with these two things, they aren 't as common though to have everyone know about. A person who helps with pet adoption is Faye Carey. In the article, “Teenage Girl is Dogs’ Best Friend” states, “Faye helps with giving your dog that generally miss out in the first instant of getting adopted…a second chance,” this means that Faye helps with animals getting adopted. She helps them have a second chance at life so they won’t have to be killed. She does everything that she can for an animal to get adopted. Because when an animal is not adopted and another animal has to come into the shelter, it will get killed. I think that when an animal needs to come into the shelter but there isn 't enough room, that the people who work there need to make room so the other animal does not get killed. Another example of a person who helps with animal adoption is Bianca V. in the article she states, “I think we are making an impact in our community,” What she is doing by making an impact is doing collection drive for local animal shelter, a walk-a-thon to raise money, and she started pennie for paws that her school will donate money for animal shelters. Bianca V. is making a very big impact on her community, she is helping her community and giving others ideas of how they can help also. Now do you think that no one help out? Well you should
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