Pros And Cons Of Animal Rights

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Animal rights is based on the idea that some or all non human animals have a right to live their own lives and to be viewed as persons rather than property this effectively makes the use of animals as research subjects, for entertainment, clothing, food and ad beasts of burden to be prohibited. A strong advocate of animal rights is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA. In the Unites States there are plenty of organizations that hold animal rights and where volunteers can join in to support AR. These are the American you mean Association animal allies call me kete abolish sport hunting and progressive Animal Welfare Society, to name a few.

In 1966 the Animal Welfare Act was signed into law and is enforced by the Animal Care, APHIS and USDA. it is the only federal law that
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list of cons of animal rights
Prevents safety testing
Is it enough to save animal lives when the cost is a human life placed in danger or lost? new products and medications that could save people but are considered harmful until tested on certain subjects will never be used if animal testing is no longer allowed. It would be even more immoral if test subjects used or human themselves. This may have been going on with clinical trials, but the only difference is that medications used in these trials have already been tested on animals and are considered safe.
Stunt research development
Animal testing open doors in research of new products and medication that will significantly speed up the development in the medicine field. Drugs used to prevent and treat cancer HIV diagnosis and other serious conditions have all been tested on animals first the animal rights puts a stop on such research, risking the lives of humans in the process.
Reduce risk on human
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