Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing For Scientific Research

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Would you standby watching if you saw anyone getting tortured? The disadvantage of animal testing is that they are unethical to use for our selfish purposes in products that might be a part of our everyday lives. Animal testing is not the solution to getting the results that we need in our experiments. With this in mind, should animal testing still be permitted for scientific research? I believe strongly that animal testing should not be permitted for research purposes because animals have senses and feeling just like humans, tests on animals show different results on humans due to the fact that they are biologically different, and it has many negative environmental consequences.
To begin with, animals used during these horrific ways and experiments have feelings and senses just like humans. During experiments done on these innocent animals, it is illogical to think that animals do not feel any pain. These vulnerable creatures feel pain when they are cut open alive and their bodies release a stress hormone named cortisol which is in human bodies as well. According to Vahdettin Bayazit, "All research protocols are stressful to all animals, for example, behavioral testing, blood sampling, novel situations and environmental manipulation, stool sampling, reproduction techniques such as penile vibratory stimulation or electroejaculation, venipuncture, and saliva or urine sampling"(Bayazit 1024). Furthermore, during these processes of tests, most of the animals lose their

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