Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing: Bloody Secret behind beauty
It is true that cosmetics are routinely tested on animals before they are cleared for human use. Most of people don’t know the reality of animal testing, they just want to know the effectiveness of the products. Animal testing in cosmetics and other products affects our society, we must understand and try to solve this problem.
Animal testing is widely used to develop new cosmetics and test the safety of the products. However, these tests or experiments can cause animals pain and suffering. Animal testing includes: force feeding or injecting animal with potentially harmful substances, removing animal 's organ to cause damage surgically. There are so many different kinds of animals are used in the testing, like dogs, rabbits and pigs. Shockingly, total percent of all testing done on rodents (rats or mice) is 87.5%(Statistic Brain). Therefore, we can see that rodents are highly affected by animal testing.
Human utilizes animal to do experiment in cosmetics is because it can advance scientific understanding, like what chemical substances can whiten skin, scientists will try to
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Despite many decades of animal testing such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, we still not have reliable and fully effective cures but we wasted huge amount of money and animal life. Also, misleading safety tests in animals directly hurt humans, there was a famous animal testing accident call "elephant man trial", the experiment originally manipulated the body 's immune system to treat auto-immune diseases such as arthritis. At the beginning, researchers had high hopes for it after monkeys injected with it showed no problems. Finally, several of the men suffered permanent organ damage, and one man’s head swelled up so horribly that British tabloids refer to the case as the ‘elephant man trial’(Felix
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