Pros And Cons Of Anthropocentrism

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Anthropocentrism refers to human beings as the central most significant entities of the world. Mankind are superior among all species on earth whilst all other entities are subjected to exploitation for human growth. This belief forms the basis of many western religions and philosophies. A few anthropocentric philosophers argue that the earth’s resources are not limited or increase in human population will not exceed the carrying capacity of earth. They also claim that projections of human population and resource limitations are exaggerated or as time progresses new technology will be available to solve any future scarcity problems. They do not foresee any moral practical requirements for legal control system to protect our natural environment…show more content…
One can also argue that businesses and companies take up most of our two most essential resources i.e water and energy, especially production companies. For example, one hamburger consumes 2,400 litres of water to produce, more land required for monoculture plantations such as soya beans or timber.
Afghanistan and Latin America are examples of overpopulated countries in which due to inefficient government policies the countrymen has to suffer. Most people are malnourished, unemployed and homeless. Clearly there’s an imbalance basic human rights. The more assistance poor nations get from the wealthy ones the more labour they have to produce. Businesses and companies gain from this because labour with low salaries, no health costs or unions to protect them are involved. Overpopulation has brought about an imbalance socially, economically and environmentally.
In some countries such as China and Iran, the government has tried to regulate their populations. China implemented a one child policy to alleviate social and environmental problems. This did initially prevent 400 million births but also led to negative economic and social consequence namely female infanticide. The government however now permits 2 births per

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