Pros And Cons Of Anti Feds

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At one time in America, we were operating under the Articles of Confederation but there were many problems. So, we set out to create a new govt (Constitution) but there were many disagreements between N and S and big states and small states so we had to compromise. Once Constitution was created, finally there was still a debate between feds and anti feds about whether or not it should be ratified. After many compromises to solve our government we finally got one and we created a government that lasted till this day for us. First, there were a lot of problems with the Articles of Confederation. The Articles were not at all powerful and were not good for America. The US didn’t have a lot of money and they barely had any power. Under the Articles, the state possessed more power than the federal government.The people who had the power were the people and the state governments. They had more power than the federal government. The Federal Government had no power to tax and no way to raise an army. I know this because in document 2 the picture shows that they had no power to tax the…show more content…
The feds wanted to ratify it because they liked it, but they wanted to make it better. . The Anti feds wanted a Bill of Rights because they wanted it to protect people’s rights, the feds thought they didn’t need one. When they ratified they thought that it would be better and create a better government for them and the people..I know this because in doc 7 it says, “To reach an agreement which allowed all states to ratify. James madison added bill of rights to constitution.” Also, “The feds wanted a strong government and no bill of rights, the anti feds wanted more power and states and a bill of rights.” This shows that the feds and anti feds both wanted two different things. The feds and anti feds were all created because we disagreed on a
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