Pros And Cons Of April Fools Day

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The Guide to April Fool’s It’s the one day of the year that you’ve desperately been waiting for. You stuff your backpack with a whoopee cushion, some superglue, and of course electrocuting gum. Those are some of the more classic pranks to pull on April Fools day. There are many, many more pranks to pull on teachers, and fellow students. Welcome to our Guide to The Best April Fools Day. Here are the top four April Fool's day pranks to pull. We are not responsible for damage done to any items,or getting in trouble with your teachers/parents. You are on your own from here on. 1: Stuck Change. This is a prank where you superglue some loose change to something you own. Then, you can sit around and watch as your peers try to steal your money. 2:
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