Pros And Cons Of Arranged Marriage

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“There’s a difference between interest and commitment, when you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient, when you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Kenneth
Blanchard – June 2010.
Arranged marriage in general infer the picture of two individuals being compelled to get married. The bride and groom may haven’t met face to face or talked before, however their families have, and already they have arranged a marriage where they think it is proper for the bride and groom and that might last a long time.
Arranged marriages nowadays are widely been talked about, mostly the question being talked about is whether arranged marriages are being used to misdeed the international immigration system, and whether it constitutionally violate human rights,
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As the couple didn’t well-introduce to each other previously, they does not know the weak and plus points of each other, and consequently they will have too much troubles understanding each other.
While it is good to have one’s family close where it can offers him help and support in his problems when needed, the extended family interference sometimes lead to divorce, as an example, Muslims mostly find that their partner’s family closeness is uncomfortable and unsuitable, they want their freedom and they dislike the extension opinions to interfere in their daily life with their husband/wife.
Also a lot of cultures think of arranged marriages as a way of suppressing the girl, they marry them when they are still young and haven’t get the opportunity to know more about life and lifestyles. In fact, some cultures, such as the polygamist sects in the Western United States, actually have turned arranged marriages into an institutionalized form of child

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