Disadvantages Of Having An Assisted Living Home

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Actually accepting that you might need help is a difficult thing for anyone to come to terms with and openly admitting it can be problematic in old age. Most of our elderly folk have managed a lifetime of independence leaving them feeling like they are giving in too easily when they start to feel that they are unable to manage alone.
The responsibility of realising that our loved ones are not managing as well as they had previously usually falls to family members. So how would you recognise the signs that an ageing loved one may need more support than they are currently getting?
There are a few key changes to watch out for in your elderly relatives:
• Sleeping for most of the day
• Difficulty keeping
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• If you work, it’s possible you will have to give this up in order to become a primary carer.
• You may begin to feel resentment at the loss of your former life leaving your relationship with your loved one fraught and stressed.

Assisted living facility
Many people opt for this choice because the above two options are just not feasible.
• An Assisted Living facility will provide 24/7 care.
• They provide suitable rooms and regular cooked meals.
• Your loved one will have company, various support services and organised activities to keep them amused.
• Specialist care will be on hand should it become necessary.
• For your loved one this may be their very worst nightmare, however good the care may be.
• They will be forced to leave their own home to go and live with strangers.
• Losing their independence will be difficult to deal with.
• Lack of familiarity with their surroundings may speed up any potential cognitive impairment.
• It could be an expensive option.
• You may struggle with feelings of guilt – that you have abandoned them.

Live in care
Live in care is a choice that few people realise is a surprisingly affordable option, particularly when compared to an assisted living facility, and it can offer the best of all

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