Pros And Cons Of Asylum Seekers

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However during the colonisation, natural resources, the soil and the people of Africa were exploited through Europe, Nowadays, Europe is the most industrialized continent on earth. The largest industrial zones are found in Western and Central Europe, England, Northern Italy, Ukraine, and European Russia. While Europe has been developing itself through the years, Africa and other continents have been fighting to assure their basic needs without success. There is still war, poverty, unsafety and unfairness in Africa. For this reasons many Africans are trying to emigrate to other part of the world in order to have a better future. The way they use to emigrate is not always the best. Many have died and are still dying in their attempt to cross the natural barriers between Africa and Europe, which is the Mediterranean Sea. The lucky one will cross and stay alive. Once on European territory…show more content…
The difference in the asylum center’s capacity is very large. In some countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland), asylum seeker stay in asylum centers during their procedure. While In Hungary, Italy and Malta the asylum centers are too full. In France, only a third of all asylum seekers are putted in asylum centers because of a lack of shelter facilities. In Greece, the conditions for asylum seekers are very distressing because asylum seekers land at street or into prisons. The European Court in Strasbourg stated that Greece violates the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees because they are not getting a fair asylum procedure. As a result of that statement, the Netherlands might not return asylum seekers (almost two thousand) coming through Greece, this is in contrast with the Dublin regulation. According to EU agreements (the 'Dublin Regulation ') they would have to go through their process in the country where they entered the EU namely
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