Au Pair Vs Nanny Analysis

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Au Pair Vs Nanny - Find the Best Choice for Your Child Are you mulling over the idea of having an AU Pair for your childcare? The thought surely displays a mature move on your part. The norm of having nannies may seem to be relevant, however, choosing an AU Pair is lot more than just having a mere nanny to look after your child. An Au Pair does contribute immensely to a child’s life and help him/her grow and evolve. Whereas, a nanny at home would only be concerned to fulfill the demands of the job, like putting the baby to sleep, providing food on time, and simply babysit when requires. Nevertheless, the duties of Au Pairs go beyond the roles that the nannies play and successfully create an indelible impact on the child’s life. Basically an Au Pair has the ability to shape up the minds of a child, but the same cannot be said about the nannies. So, now the big question arises? How safe is the child with the Au Pairs, considering they could have an influence on the brains of the child? The fact is Au Pairs carry their knowledge, culture and language; which makes it pretty obvious that they would effortlessly rub it off on the child. Moreover,…show more content…
This exposure can contribute in your child’s upbringing and make him/her a better human with a tolerant attitude. Au Pairs generally belong to the non-speaking English countries like Germany, Spain, and Thailand, thus the chance of developing a world-view at an early age becomes quite inevitable for your little one. If compared with nannies, Au Pairs certainly have an upper hand on the nannies what with the fact that the nannies do not engage in any kind of cultural exchange. Moreover nannies are not qualified enough to transfer any kind of valuable knowledge to your child. In short, an Au Pair is the best caregiver for your child to trust
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