Pros And Cons Of Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

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Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Course: BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an undergraduate degree course. After the completion of the BDS program, the student designates the degree of the dentist. Dentists are the doctors of dental related problems. BDS degree is equivalent to MBBS and a BDS degree holder also owns Dr domain. In India, BDS is the only UG program specialization in the dental problems. BDS is the most sought medical course after the MBBS program in the medical field. Also, check Master of Science (M.Sc) As a Career Option.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Course
BDS course focuses on the denture, dental problems and surgery etc. The course is a job oriented bachelor 's degree program. BDS holders have opportunities in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and in the medical device manufacturing industries.The degree is awarded to the candidates who successfully complete the four-year span of the course and mandatory one-year internship program in dentistry education. After getting the degree candidates become eligible to practice as a dentist anywhere in the country. Also, check B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) As a Career Option.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Cours

A dentist or a dental surgeon is a specialist in the dentistry. He/ She diagnosis the dental diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. A dentist is supported by the team of professionals called dentist 's supporting team. The team includes:

Dental assistants;
Dental hygienists;
Dental technicians

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