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I. INTRODUCTION The Internet, like any other new media historically, provides new methods of engaging in illegal activities. That is not to say that the Internet is intrinsically 'bad', as many tabloid journalists would have us to believe, it is simply a means for human beings to express themselves and share common interests. Unfortunately, many of these common interests include pornography, trading Warez (pirated software), trading illegal MP3 files, and engaging in all kinds of fraud such as credit card fraud, banking frauds, making of fake/fraud calls. Hacking on the other hand is a greatly misrepresented activity as portrayed by the wider media and Hollywood movies. Although many hackers go on from being computer enthusiasts to Warez…show more content…
CATEGORIES OF HACKERS Good hackers (Ethical Hackers) These kind of hackers are security professionals who try to stop cybercrimes done by the “BLACK HAT HACKERS”. They try to find loop holes in networks, applications, systems and fix them by letting user more secure and less vulnerable to the bad hackers. The hacking performed by these professionals is fully legal as they do it for good purpose and welfare of cyber world. Bad hackers (Black Hat Hackers) These kind of hackers are also professionals, but they perform hacking with bad intensions for ex: Hacking social networking accounts, credit card details, banking accounts, etc. They try to find loop holes in the network, user’s system and then try to exploit them by capturing their sensitive data which is meant to be kept private up to them, they then leak the sensitive data publically by selling them to other party. V. FACTORS FOR MOTIVATION OF HACKING Few studies have been carried out into hacker motivation, although much has been gained by interviewing former hackers who have now gone 'white-hat' (i.e. hacking for security companies etc.). Here are some of the factors that may motivate a person into becoming a

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