Pros And Cons Of Banning Books

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Banned Books: Good or Bad? Should students be exposed to the real world through books or should they be shielded from it? There are many people who agree that banned books should be banned because it is ethical, and valid and it prevents students from emotional stress. On the other side of the argument, people argue that students have the right to read whatever they want. Many books are challenged and banned in schools because they contain inappropriate content or bad language; however, some people have a strong belief that these books are worth reading because they represent ideas of free speech and other important lessons that students will need throughout their lives On the pro side of the argument, there are many reasons why some people support banning books in schools. One thing that is stated in…show more content…
One major reason books are banned is because they are not age appropriate (Common Reasons For Banning Books). Some books can be very inappropriate because they contain sexual references, or drug references that could potentially lead children to follow what they read in these books. For example, in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are words used like “damn” and “whore lady” (Banned & Challenged Classics). Another main reason books are banned is due to racial issues (Common Reasons For Banning Books). Racial slurs are a big problem in books because some words can be very offensive to many different races. Racist statements are never okay, no matter what the context is. One more major reason for banning books is violence (Common Reasons For Banning Books). Violence is something that children should not be exposed to if at all possible. Children need to learn that violence is never the answer, and showing them that content might result in the students thinking that violence is cool. In summary, students may develop unacceptable behavior from inappropriate content in
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