Pros And Cons Of Banning Plastic Bags

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There has been great controversy with the plastic bag ban in Brownsville. The city of Brownsville has banned all plastic bags in stores in exchange for a much cleaner and safer environment. The plastic bag ban was initiated because of the people. People today do not dispose of the plastic bags the way they are supposed to. Nevertheless, plastic bags have become a leading worldwide source of pollution. There is controversy with the ban because making plastic bags create jobs and people still want them because it provides income. I believe plastic bags should be banned because it helps the environment, it eliminates contamination and reduces accidents in the streets, and reduces animal deaths in Brownsville. Banning plastic bags will help the environment. It will not only increase the number of trees in the planet, but also aid in living in a much safer place. People usually don’t care where they leave the plastic bags and ignore the fact that it may harm the planet by not disposing of the bag properly. The benefits of banning the plastic bags to the environment are that it takes less energy to create the bags, less use of natural resources, and less harmed animals in the ocean. The environment needs less plastic bags because they take years to degrade and throughout those years it may harm the earth through…show more content…
There have been many animal deaths in the world by plastic bags. “In the water, plastic bags pose a particular danger to animals like sea turtles, sea birds, and whales, which not only get caught in the bags but often mistake them for food, choke on them, and die” (Majerol). People believe that by throwing plastic bags on the street, the bag will never reach the ocean and nothing harmless could happen by it. Not only it kills ocean animals, it also kills animals on dry land. Animals on dry land may assume plastic bags are food causing them to attempt to eat it, in conclusion causing them to

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