Pros And Cons Of Banning Soda

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My Argument In America we have so many different types of addictions while soda is in the top ten. Soda is hard to stop drinking because it is just as addicting as alcohol, Americans are slowly killing themselves with their bad habits. America as a nation is in a huge debate over the ban of soda in different states. I say that we should not be ban it from our nation and a lot of others will agree people such as Kelly McGonigal Ph.D. To begin I would like to make is that by banning something will only make us as American’s want it even more. You can never tell us no. People might disagree with this statement as most people will do with everything. Saying the people are not as addicted as they actually think. But just look at Prohibition,…show more content…
As this may be right the companies should be responsible for their products. By taking responsibility for what their product does to the users, as well as giving strict rules in their products use. Who is to say anyone will listen to them? Companies already have their nutritional facts on their products, in this instants a recommended serving size. Has anyone listened to them or even looked at them for instants? A few do maybe, but not enough to make a difference, peoples ignorance is strong for this reason doing something they have never learned how to do or even taken the time to try is hard for most people. While people want to make a change in their lives, it is strictly up to them, the government cannot always push things on the people and expect them to just blindly follow. We as people will have to want to change ourselves. In conclusion, America should not ban sodas because it would just backfire in their faces just like prohibition did, but should help one another at the very least look at alternatives to help get a better and healthier life instead of trying to do it by
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