Mark Klaas Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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From the early days after Davis snatched Polly from a Petaluma slumber party, Klaas has been a highly visible advocate for strong laws to protect the public, especially children, from career criminals and predators like Davis. He had come to the San Francisco Chronicle with other opponents of Proposition 34, the ballot measure that would end California 's death penalty and resentence California 's 700-plus death row inmates to life without parole. (Saunders)
A man snatched a girl from a slumber party. He should not be killed and just get out of it, he should live a suffering life in prison. Being killed isn’t a good punishment because people will be gone for life and won’t be able to learn from their mistakes. Although the death penalty makes
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Recently, Interviewers have been asking Mark Klaas how he feels if California uses the death penalty on Richard Allen Davis, the man who kidnapped, messes with, and killed Klaas’ 12 year old daughter in 1993. A jury found Davis guilty and killed him in 1996.(Saunders) This shows that the death penalty is being used in the wrong way. Executors should not be asking people if they think someone should be killed. It turns out the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty hosts a Richard Allen Davis home page, on which the convicted killer displays "hand-painted wood hobby craft items," which he made, and posts photos of himself. Davis also wonders whether there 's anyone out there who wants to know who he really is, and he asks, "For someone like myself, can one ever fall back in love with life again?" (Saunders). Killing someone is not the only option. Yes, the man did mess up from the mistake, but Davis will live and learn from it. The man can no longer use the website so it doesn’t matter. David has no nore ways to contact females. Although the death penalty is uses as a punishment to show people how big a situation is, the death penalty should be banned in the United States. One Reason why the death penalty should be banned is because Capital Punishment is decreasing, let it be. We don’t need to try and raise a law that is for killing people. Citizens in the united states are alreadying going through enough things. If it is going down people should just let it be. Death penalties have been decreasing at a very fast speed in the past few years. If it continues to go down at the rate it is going now, Death penalty won’t be an issue. (Berman) In Georgia, The court is brought down by having the death
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