Pros And Cons Of Bars In Russia

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Bars in Russia
Starting a Business in Russia is very difficult. While opening new bar or restaurant or café, you have to be ready to undergo a huge number of instances. The problems arise at all stages, starting with the supply of electricity in the room to garbage collection. But the most difficult thing is to get a license to sell alcohol. To get this license, you have to contact fire department. So, until you will not satisfy all the requirements, you cannot legally sell alcohol. Another trouble in Russia is corruption. The paradox is that even paying money for something to be done quickly, you still have to wait for a long time. Of course, there are a lot of other details, while opening a new bar, that’s why it takes a little bit long time to start your business.
There are several components that makes a bar successful in Russia. One of the most important things is the location of the bar. It must be located in crowded places, preferably in the center of the town, close to metro stations, bus stops, major attractions, and some other places where there are always potential visitors. Also for Russian people it is important, if the bar is equipped with the parking. Furthermore, it is very desirable, if in nearby places there are not bars/pubs with a similar style or price level. After the location, you have to understand who will be your potential visitors. Rate the predominant age of these people. The more closely you identify with the target group - its income, social

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