When People Are Spending Too Much Time Essay

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Resolutions: Time and money spent on appearance is waste Pro: A: People are spending way too much time and money on trying to look perfect. R: Money problems will not seem to slow down. Their parents gladly pay the beauty bill for their little ones. E: According to Newsweek Magazine(May 2009), by the time the average ten year old girl is 50 years old, she will have spent nearly 300,000 dollar on just hair and face. One people name Dara Einhorn, opened a beauty salon especially for children under the age of 12. She says "It's normal for these girls to have a beauty day. They will spend 50 dollar on a hair cut and maybe another 150 dollar for straightening or highlights. They make a party for it!" I: Many of office worker wake up early…show more content…
For well-appearance is not good for our health. It can get big trouble of skin when we use many of cosmetics, like cream, lip gloss, lip sticks, tint, ect. E: Example, when we use blemish balm cream, our skin will be white and looks like clean. But when we use it, our skin get in deep trouble. Our skin will have many of pimples. Also, our skin will dry. I: Many people said when they use cosmetics, their skin gets dry and also have pimple. Con- A: Pretty or handsome appearance is key to success at society. R: When we meet someone, we look his or her appearance first. Personality is important source too, but first looks are important too. If you get a good feeling as first impressions can form a lasting relationship of mutual. But If the first looks are bad, in the first meeting will not be any more progress. E: According to many people, they said they look first look importantly. I: Almost of people see first look importantly. And it is essential key to success. CON 1.There is a reason why people spend hundreds and thousadsof dollars every years to look beautiful 2.We are beautiful or pretty we get popularity 3.Around the world, parents spend money on their children to try to open doors to a successful

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