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A honey bees ' wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, making a distinctive buzzing noise (Delaplane). There are many things that people don’t know about bees. Such as when beekeeping started, the difference between hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. There are also different types of bees, different types of honey and different uses of honey. Most people are perfectly fine never encountering a bee or knowing anything about them. A human’s first reaction to a bee is defense. People are convinced that the bee is there to harm them by stinging them. Most people that have experienced an encounter with a bee, wasp or hornet would say it wasn’t a positive encounter. Swinging, swatting and trying to hit the bee away is what people instinctively…show more content…
There are two types of beekeepers. A hobbyist beekeeper and a commercial beekeeper. A hobbyist beekeeper typically is a beekeeper that does not have bees to make money he/ she has the bees just for their own pleaser and usually will only have enough bees to make just the right amount honey for themselves. Hobbyist beekeepers might sell there honey to people for a profit, but it is generally not their only source of income. There are a lot more hobbyist beekeepers then commercial beekeepers (Zacharias). A commercial beekeeper is someone who actually makes a living keeping beehives and using the work of bees for financial compensation. He/she runs the company to make money and to run it as a business. There is no set limit on how many beehives a commercial beekeeper must have to make a living. Owning a commercial beekeeping business will require some specific pieces of equipment and machines. A commercial beekeeper often has an extracting plant that removes the honey from the hives. There are many different ways to remove the honey from the hive. Each way has their pros and cons. Regardless of how the honey is extracted, it will be up to the beekeeper what to do with it. Then the honey has two options from there. The first option for the owner is to package the honey into 55 gallon drums and sell it to larger companies who pay for the honey. The second option is for the owner to take the…show more content…
Honey is so healthy for you and can also be used in so much more than just eating. There are so many different types of honey in the world, there are more than 300 unique types of honey available in the United States. The thickness, texture, color, weight and taste is all determined on the flower. Each flower has a different shape, smell and type of pollen which makes each the honey so unique. Honey is produced in every state, but some states don’t have the same flowers as others and certain types of honey are produced only in a few regions. Honey can be bought in different ways then just from a bottle. Comb honey is direct from the hive with honey filled beeswax stored naturally by the bees. Liquid honey that is extracted is the generic honey that you can find at pretty much any store. It is prepared by cutting off the wax capping’s and spinning the comb in a honey extractor. Creamed honey is also known as granulated honey, it can be made by blending the honey with some liquid and also having honey get to cold can cause it to granulate, which gives it a crunchy affect. Raw honey comb is just a pieces of the honey comb that is cut out and smothered with normal liquid honey (Brening). The most common honey made is clover, wildflower, and alfalfa, these three types of honey are also known for their great taste. In October of 2015 the average cost of honey

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