Pros And Cons Of Being A Cop

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#1 The occupation I researched and interested in is a police officer. The responsibilities of being a cop are high. You have to uphold the law at all times. Also, people look up to you so you have to act right even when you’re off the job. #5 The educational requirements for this job are simple. You need a high school diploma. You can go to college but you don’t have to. In this line of work you can expect a lot of thing to happen on a daily bases. You could get shot or get hit by a red light runner (shmoop). You put your health on the line every time you get I to that car because people don’t like the cops and they will do anything to get out of a ticket. There are a lot of ability’s u would need to be good at this job such as running and accuracy with a gun. The reason being u might have to chase someone or shoot someone that is holding a hostage and if u have bad aim u might hit the hostage. When on the job u might have to do simple stuff like paper work or u might have to chase someone for 100 yards. I would say you can expect a lot from this job. #9 A cop is a very dangerous job that can lead to death if u are not careful, but if u do the right thing it can all so keep u and other safe from other people. #11,#9 One of the things about cops is they get to carry firearms. Which…show more content…
“Now it might coma as a surprise to you that cops don’t spend all their time at a donut shop” (shmoop). Cops don’t just get to seat there and do nothing. They are always watching out for trouble makers. Being a cop can be hard sometimes. For example when you have to knock on someone’s door to tell them their kid has been in an accident. #8 A cop’s work schedule is almost day and night because u never know when some might need help and you’re the only one around. There are a lot of satisfactions such as getting your own squad car and being about to wear the uniforms and hold a
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