Pros And Cons Of Being A HVAC Technician

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Tanner Aultman SREB English Mrs. Creel September 8, 2016 Cons of Being an HVAC Technician Being in the HVAC field has its ups and downs, but of all the fields in HVAC, the HVAC technician will accumulate the most problems during a job.. A tech will deal with the everyday problems at a job site, such as people, weather, and hours. A HVAC tech will be challenged by nullifying processes that take place during work. Weather ultimately decides when, where, and how a technician works.. Heat is always a factor in this line of work because summer is the time of year that a technician has to labor the most. A tech works in hot, confined spaces like attics and under houses. Working in the heat can cause cramps and dehydration; these health issues can…show more content…
When a tech is not installing units, he will be responsible for taking work calls for repairs and maintenance. Work calls are important to techs because installing units will not always provide jobs, but repairs will always be steady. Repairs and maintenance will be tougher on techs because it will require more travelling. Maintenance is more challenging to a tech due to the wide variety of problems. Although installing units can have its problems, maintenance is a much more complex process. There are many moving parts and pieces which can break within a unit, such as fans and compressors. When trying to detect the problems with a unit, a tech will have to go through a process of elimination to identify the problematic issue. Travelling to job locations can take up time for a technician. To fulfill all work assignments, a tech will need to be efficient with time once the work starts. Techs need to focus on finishing one job in order to start the next. If a tech does not plan time productively and work efficiently, the tech will not complete all work calls. This could stimulate a loss in jobs and respectability from…show more content…
For those businesses that do not provide transportation for employees, a worker must use personal transportation and this could cause conflicts between the tech and the director. If any accidents were to happen, even during work hours, the tech could be the only one responsible for paying for any damages incurred. An HVAC technician can face many difficulties from the required duties for this profession. The tech will have more responsibilities than any other worker in the HVAC field due to the wide range of jobs a technician is required to do. A technician’s reputation can make or break the business. A tech will have to be experienced and efficient to keep jobs and money coming into the business. Weather has a major effect in the HVAC business. Ultimately, mother nature decides when and where a tech can work. A tech will need to scan radars to find out the most logical place to plan work. If work is planned in an area with poor weather conditions, that week’s income and time will be at jeopardy. The delay in time will disrupt the regular work

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