Pros And Cons Of Being A House Slave

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If I were a slave during the 1700’s I would choose to become a house slave. The reason why I would become a house slave is because it's lighter work, thereś a slight chance of getting an education, and I could learn skilled works. A house slave is more suited to me more than being a field slave. But, there are serious consequences that come with my choice.
One of the pros of being a house slave is having a lighter workload than a field slave. Since I am not strong it would be easier for me. I am more experienced in house work rather than field work; field work is very strenuous, and it could cause health problems over time.
Another pro is having a possibility of getting an education. I think getting an education is important, because
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Privacy is important to me, as sometimes I like to be by myself. Since I would be working all the time, I would have no time by myself. When I do have time to myself, my owner can barge in anytime they wanted to.
Another con is having to deal with the possibility of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is more likely to happen since I am a girl. There are countless times when owners raped their slaves, which during the time, was acceptable. If I were to have a child during the time, I wouldn’t want to have my them become a slave and face discrimination.
The last con is being away from family. Being away from family would be hard especially during this time. Having family close would motivate me, and it would give life worth living for. Living away from family could make me feel depressed.
The reason why my choices outweigh the cons is because I would be more educated, and I would be able support myself. Overall, being a house slave could benefit me in multiple ways, like learning new abilities that could provide me a living. But, there are terrible disadvantages that come with being a house slave, like the possibility of being raped. Either way, both are terrible and have serious consequences that come along with
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