Pros And Cons Of Being A Mechanics

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I am hard and cold. I like to turn on you. I get really greasy and you have to clean me alot. I am a wrench. Mechanics use me all the time. Would you believe me if i said all you need is a high school diploma and you can get paid $17.60 dollars an hour. What kinda job do you want to have when you grow up. If you were thinking of being a mechanic i 'll be the man to tell you about it. Would you prefer to go to college or are you not wanting to go to college.You can learn on how to fix your car and you know what could be wrong with it if its broke. You can also get a company car so you don 't have to use your own gas. And then you won 't have to pay for car payments or car insurance which can be very very expensive and that saves you a lot of money.…show more content…
you can get paid up to 30 dollars an hour but you mainly get paid 17.60 per hour sometimes you get paid less and sometimes you get paid more. It all varies on who you work for and what you really do if you do a motor swap your gonna get more too if you were gonna do an oil change. And the main salary is an estimate 36,610 a year.The job conditions vary because sometimes you have to work outside on wet cold ground but sometimes you get to work in a nice heated garage. The kind of education you need is a high school diploma to get a mechanic job but if you want to go to college you can make more money and a bigger salary. Is it worth doing the dirty work of a mechanic. Thats your own decision i 've given you all the information you need for the job. Are you thinking about not doing the mechanic job because you won 't get paid enough and you 'll get filthy dirty everyday. Life isn 't always about money it 's about doing what you love and sometimes doing what you love don 't pay you to much and you get really dirty but thats what lifes
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