Pros And Cons Of Being A Member Of A Fraternity

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Being a Member of a Fraternity/Sorority Greek letter organizations are social organizations at colleges or universities. The most popular aspect of a fraternity or sorority is the social life. Although, each Greek organization does emphasize its service and beneficial attributes. As popular as Greek life may be in the US, joining these organizations does have its pros and cons, and I will be presenting them to you. Let’s start with the pros. Students do benefit from being a member of a fraternity and sorority. Firstly, is academic performance. Most Greek organizations require you to keep a certain gpa as a member. Due to the demand of grade upkeep studies have found that these members have higher gpa’s than the non-organizational students.…show more content…
Greek life provides students with a network of peers that are beneficial to them when looking for an internship, employment, etc. Community service and on-campus activities look great on a resume. Fraternities and sororities sometimes have networking events for members and alumni where students get help with career opportunities and network their way into the career of their choice. In addition, we have philanthropy, the desire to promote the wellbeing of others by donating money to good causes. Organizations often demand culture of service. Most chapters have members participate in many community service projects. Some organizations have leadership positions dedicated to keeping track of service hours completed by each member. The value of community service and philanthropy creates a want for young people to give back to their own…show more content…
One thing to take into consideration before deciding to join a Greek organization is the cost. The price of membership can be one of the biggest expenses for students. At an average public institution, dues for a semester can be as much as $1000. Students may pay $4000 a semester for their tuition. Going Greek can increase college expenses by twenty-five percent. This only considering dues. Other expenses are quite hefty as well including t shirts for the chapter’s members and even a membership pen that is between two hundred and five hundred dollars. One of the main causes of such high prices in these organizations is due to what’s called the National organization insurance bill. Organizations that have banned alcohol have a much lower annual bill. Organizations that have a history of alcohol or hazing related deaths pay very high amounts for insurance that members help with. This leads to our next point:

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