Pros And Cons Of Being A Werewolf

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Are you afraid that a werewolf army will build up and attack our country? Are you afraid you won't be able to save yourself or your family from the werewolves? You don't have to worry anymore! With these nine simple steps you will know exactly what to do if you or your loved ones get attacked by the werewolves! Remember that there is no cure for being a werewolf, you can only treat the wound.

1. First you have to get away from the werewolf! Inside of a safe house, where you can wash and treat your wound is nice.
2. Get some cold water! Rinse your wound under the cold water for two minutes.
3. Then you get some soap and wash your wound with it for five minutes.
4. Now you let the wound air dry!
5. Now is the time to add an antibacterial

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