Pros And Cons Of Being An American Citizen

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America has been built on the foundations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but how have those words help to define what our country is as a whole? America could not have become what it is without the foundations created by our founding fathers. With the unalienable rights established by our founding fathers, we, as citizens, are blessed to live a prosperous life in which our future is determined by our actions. America is a country where a man can have a dream and accomplish it, become one with his fellow citizens, and discover new innovations daily. Being an American gives citizens the right the live the American dream, cultivate the world’s melting pot, and strive to innovate new ideas. For most immigrants coming to America they strive to 'live the American Dream.’ In America we, the people, have the capability to turn our lives around and achieve the goals we dream of. Every American citizen is…show more content…
We have grown as a nation whose fundamentals are unlike any others. Being a citizen in the United States is more than a birth certificate or document that verifies that you are. Whether you were born a United State citizen or chose to become a citizen the same rights will stand true. Right of freedom of expression, religion, fair trial, employment, to vote or to run for elected office and the right to pursue “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. This is what makes United States Of America so beautiful to so many others not just to those who were lucky enough to be born here. I am proud to call United States by country and truly know how lucky we are to have the rights we have.America was not built by only one person's view and cannot continue to grow with only one person's view. Americans are a united community who stands tall and proud and works coherently in order to accomplish
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