Pros And Cons Of Being An Entrepreneur

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We have designed a quiz , in which you can just register your answer which suits you best . And we will give you just a (indication) that is becoming an entrepreneur your route .
The questions may look fun but if you take them seriously , you will get the knowledge that why these questions in some way show the traits of being self-employed . Since it 's a big risk to start your own business hence you must look into every aspect to it.
Starting your own business and having both pros and cons , for instance , con is that it 's a highly stressful field where the job security and money guarantee suddenly disappears and you get the money at last after paying everybody else. But there is definitely pros , that
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I laugh at myself often.
I get really bored, really quickly!
I’m a morning person, I wake up believing that anything’s possible, if I have the right attitude.
I love new technology, new ideas and new ways of doing things.
I do masses of research online, before I make a purchase decision.
I’m a well organized type of person.
If I don’t know much about some new area of interest, I usually want to find out more about it.
I like to feel appreciated. I want people to recognize the work I do.
I like to look at the big picture rather than the minute details.
I’m pretty good at picking myself up and brushing myself down after a let down.
I have a good handle on my life and can discipline myself to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.
I have a great imagination and can vision what my future will look like.
I always see the silver lining in challenging times and find where the opportunity is.
I’m generally a brave person where life is concerned.
I am okay with taking risks.
I am often accused of being controlling.
People think of me as being enthusiastic and
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