Pros And Cons Of Being Drafted Or Willing

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Drafted or Willing. (A Discussion over the United States Draft) The United States draft was created to ensure that during times of war our numbers in battle would never become to strained or cause faltering. This was successful for many battles, and in war, but why did it stop? Some thought this was an unethical practice that took away the free will of a man to do as he pleased with his life. Others think the draft should be brought back, and their reasons range from the fact that in a serious situation there would be more trained men, however, this still does not amend the claim that it takes away the right of the man to do what he wants with his life. The most agreeable consensus that can, in some cases, be come up with is that the men or women drafted should be required two years of active duty service, or required four years of duty in…show more content…
That may sound slightly trivial, but with the current issues people are having with guns; students taking them to schools and shooting, guns accidentally going off and injuring or killing them, people with mental handicaps acquiring guns and harming others, this would allow more people, with proper training, to assess a situation and act. Although, some may think this would promote gun use it should be thought of this way: Imagine there are nine people in a room and that four of these nine have a gun, but two of them hate each other. If one of the men with a gun pulls a gun on the man he hates, the other three with a gun could pull theirs out, and either put the attempting shooter down, or disarm him. In that case, or a case of similar nature where even something as simple as a knife or a can of wasp spray a man with another weapon could at least hold the attacker at bay until the proper authorities

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