Pros And Cons Of Being Young Today

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Being Young Today Some would say that the youth today is spoiled; that we don’t have anything to complain about because life has never been easier. But really, are there only pros of being young today? The youth today, in the rich part of the world, have got everything we need: the basics of life such as a home, food, water, clothes and material goods. We feel relatively safe and our life is stable when it comes to resources, education and health. Most of us feel belonging and love from family and friends. These are things that describe a pretty high standard of life. Obviously life quality varies from person to person, but I dare say that most of us lead a comparatively good life. Do we really have something to complain about? Another pro of being young today is all the technology that has made life easier. Everyday things like household chores are mostly handled by machines. When we want to know something, we just look it up on Google. We have phones that allow us to access the Internet and social medias wherever we are. Social media plays a huge part in today’s social life, and it can be seen as both good and bad. It is easy and fast to chat and…show more content…
Rules are being stretched and moral might not be what is deciding. Youths want to try the boundaries; it could be with alcohol, drugs or breaking with their parents. I believe this could be a sense of freedom, but it could also create an insecure environment. This development might therefor be a con that makes young people uncertain. Another thing that has changed much till today is that we have to face a lot of decisions from early ages. Deciding school, line of education, what to prioritise and later on what profession to choose. The fear of making the wrong decision that can’t be reversed gives a feeling of pressure and uncertainty and might negatively add to mental

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