Pros And Cons Of Bernie Sanders

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This upcoming November, is the 2016 presidential elections and all across America registered citizens will be able to vote for their next president. Currently, Bernie Sanders is one of the Democratic candidates that is running and he has his own ideas and plans for when he becomes the next president.

As president, Bernie Sanders will fight to make college tuition free and debt free. “When we talk about free public education in America, it shouldn 't mean just K through 12, it should mean free tuition at public universities and colleges all over the nation,” Sanders said (Bernie Sanders). Completely free tuition will be difficult to achieve, however, Sanders has developed a 6-step plan that he ensures will work. The first step, is making tuition free at public colleges and universities. Under the College for all Act, the government would cover 67% of the cost and the remaining percentage (33%) relies on the states. Next, he would stop the government from making a profit on student loans. Bernie is going to restore the formula which was in effect until 2006 that substantially lower student loan interest rates. Under the proposed college for all act, interest rates could never rise above 8.25% ( In addition, his plan would allow
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Even though Bernie Sanders is behind in the delegate count, the upcoming primaries have a higher delegate’s numbers and he believes the majority of them will favor him instead of Hillary Clinton. Bernie has received 6 representatives from the house for endorsements, while Clinton has 159 representatives, 40 senators and 13 governors for her endorsements. Clinton is way in the lead for endorsement so, I don 't think Sanders will have a chance to catch up. Dr. Cornel West, Ed Schultz and Neil Young are individuals who are contributing to his
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