Pros And Cons Of Big Game Hunting

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Should we allow big game to be hunted for sport and fun?

Every year, trophy hunters kill thousands of exotic wild animals, representing hundreds of different species, in foreign countries,mostly in Africa. They like to kill the most beautiful, the biggest and the rarest.

Big game hunting is conducted in Africa,North America,South America,Europe,Asia and Australia. In Africa lion, Cape buffalo,elephant,giraffe and other animals are hunted.
In europe,sheep,boar,goats,elk,deer and other species are hunted.

Hunting of big game for food is now ancient, but thousand of years ago they used to do that.Early man hunted mammoth in groups, using a combination of spears or large rocks.

They use a lot of types of weaponry to hunt those poor animals like for example

My opinions and experiences.
My own opinion of the big game is that it is a horrible, bloody and disgusting hunt that should get forbidden because the animal that they hunt are too beautiful and important to be killed and used.
I chose this area because i feel really bad for the animals so i wanted maybe some more people to know about it and do or say something.
I personally have to admit that i like shooting real guns or bb guns but only cans or something but not animals.I would cry and feel really bad even if i hit some animal by accident.I had once an accident with one of my bows and arrows,I was trying to hit a squirrel and was thinkin that i 'm anyway not going to hit it because i thought that my aming
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