Pros And Cons Of Bilingual Education Essay

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Is bilingual education necessary? We find that in the present. Bilingual education has a role and necessary in our life very seriously. Both the economy and the tourism industry. True that we have local language as our own, but in the same way. On the communication for business, we need to help to bring the middle language to make it easier for communication. We need for instill, speaking, reading and writing in at least one language in the universal language, such as United States, Australia and Singapore. Bilingual education is necessary for our self and our parents, such as education, work, live and life, and bilingual language have an advantage over than some people who get one language, and most of parents want their child to learn in bilingual language. Why bilingual education that necessary for children? Most people believe that. If children learn a second language at an early age then. Opportunity, they will…show more content…
Some peoples pros are other peoples cons. Some peoples cons are insignificant to others, while the pros are less than appealing. The very nature of pro/con lists is that they are personal; something unique for you. I will try to give a fair assessment of the bilingual education pros and cons as I see them. - See more at: I have interviews with 9 people. Most of them are learning. I asked them, “How do you think? Is bilingual education necessary?” They willing to do this interview. The first one is Miss Prangthip Jansiwanon. She is studying at Assumption Business Administration , College / third year. She said yes, It so necessary, because It can makes everyone is familiar with English language and we will use it agile same our native

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