Pros And Cons Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is the differences of life on earth or in a specific location. There are three domains that consist of life in the world: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. Bacteria and Archaea are both prokaryotes. Prokaryotes are single cell organisms that lack a nucleus in the membrane nor other specialized organelles. For Eukarya it consists of four kingdoms: Protists, Plants, Fungi, and Animalia. The domain consists of organisms with a cell nucleus and other organelles inside a membrane. With these seven kingdoms scientists have been able to edge closer to classifying all organisms in the world, and are exploring every day to find new organisms.
The first organisms to exist on planet earth were Bacteria. They are still found today everywhere and have successfully evolved to still survive. Bacteria is where all the other kingdoms branch off from. Though Bacteria and Archaea are both prokaryotes, their genes are less than half related. Bacteria have its pros and cons for life on earth as some of them are good for the environment such as, food production, medicines, pest control, and etc. However, the cons are they can cause diseases, pathogenic, and etc. Without bacteria there will be no life in the world, as it is responsible for beginning everything.
The next domain and kingdom to exist was Archaea. They are organisms that can survive in extreme habitats as in volcanoes, deserts, and even Antarctica. They are heat loving bacteria which are called Extreme Thermophiles, and
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