Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology

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By: Jessica Bohanan
“Biotechnology is the exploration of biological processes for industrial and other purposes.” By What is Biotechnology. “It is a set of techniques by which human beings modify living things or use them as tools. The earliest biotechnology, however, was the selective breeding of plants and animals to improve their food value.This was followed in time by the use of yeast to make bread, wine, and beer. The earliest types of this began about ten thousand years ago and lie at the basis of human cultural evolution from small bands of hunter-gatherers to large, settled communities, cities, and nations. It is doubtful that the first biotechnologists understood the effects of their actions, and so the reason their pursuing, for example, selective breeding over the hundreds of generations necessary to show much advantage in food value, remain something of a mystery.”Some of the jobs you can have are DNA analysis, scientist, clinical research associate job, microbiologist, and many more. There are a ton to choose from but here are some of the jobs with biotechnology at Heritage High School.
Health Science Education
Diagnostic Medicine
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Forensic Science
Here are some community colleges and technical schools:
Southwest Tennessee Community College
Calhoun Community College
Volunteer State Community College
Here are some 4-year colleges:
Middle Tennessee State University

This may seem like a boring job, but for some
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