Essay On Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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Birth control means This includes abortion or many other hormonal contraceptive methods. Many countries are now starting encourage this new policies in order to decrease the rate of population growth, which is affecting our Environment and society to a great extent. The main pros of enforcing a Birth control policy (according to the WHO) are: “Reducing infant mortality, Helping to prevent HIV/AIDS, Reducing adolescent pregnancies and Slowing population growth”.However, there are still some debates regarding how this practice comes against religious and ethical principles.

Birth control policies vary from different areas of the world. For example, EU countries are compelled, due to international law establishments to allow woman to access
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Others, such as the US, France, Italy and the UK, fit in the band of the highest fertility rate because the use of a pill requires a medical prescription and the government does not include these contraceptives methods in the health insurance.

One of the main reasons why countries encourage birth control is due to the drastic population growth as shown in the graph below:

This immense growth has caused problems to the environment. One of the main problems is the reduction of biodiversity due to active human activity. Up to thousands animal species and plants are being brought into extinction. Biodiversity is fundamental for agriculture and the study of medicine. More people also means more release of greenhouse gases because each individual has a carbon footprint (meaning the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere). The release of green house gases causes the thinning of the ozone layer, which protects us from the UV raises of the sun . If the Ozone layer becomes too thin, than, it will not prevent the passing of UV, which, when in contact with human skin, may cause
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