Steam Mop Case Study

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1. Bissel Powerfresh 1940 steam mop This steam mop is highly acclaimed for its ability to clean grout on the floor tiles effectively. Key features include a built-in scrubber, digital controls for everything thus enabling you to customize the operation depending on the cleaning needs and fragrance discs for extra freshness. Designed for both light and heavy jobs, this steam cleaner gives you the ability to clean sticky spots faster while ensuring that the floor is germ free. Pros • Eliminates 99.9 germs and bacteria through sanitization with steam • It heats up fast and dry time is also short. • You do not use chemicals in the water tank hence saving some money. • A removable water tank makes it easy to refill when using it. • A long power…show more content…
Cons • This steam mop has high steam and heat levels slightly prolong the wetness. • It is not easy to maneuver the mop, especially in small spaces. 2. Shark steam pocket mop This easy to use and lightweight steam mop is known for its ability to deep clean and sanitize the floor tiles. It has an extra-large water capacity and heats up within 30 seconds. The head design, on the other hand, enables you to flip it for easy cleaning quickly. It can also be converted to a hand held position for cleaning of the spots above the floor such as counter tops. Pros • Big capacity thus more cleaning time • Light in weight hence porttable • Does not need any additional chemicals, tap water is enough • A long cord allows you to cover a wide area. • Overheat protection for safety.…show more content…
• The user manual lacks proper user instructions. • It is difficult to switch to the handheld position 8. Wagner 915 -1,500-Watt power steamer This steam mop is powerful and is able to handle the toughest stains on almost all surfaces. It has a steam horse that allows you to get to a wide area while the feet make portability easy. It cleans with plain water leaving your floors clean and sanitized. To effectively do so, it has an array of accessories that can be easily attached for additional benefits. Pros • Setup is easy • Removes pet stains effortlessly • Light in weight • Easily movable from on point to another. Cons • Does not have a water level indicator • Takes time to heat up when a refill is done in between cleaning • It has a short electrical cord. 9. Dirt devil steam mop This is another steam mop that has been highly acclaimed for its stylish and colourful design. It has the ability to clean and sanitise the floor without using any harmful chemicals. Its head, which is triangular in shape, allows you to reach all the corners and edges while the water level indicator ensures that you know when to
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