Pros And Cons Of Block Schedule

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1)Do you stay up late every night doing homework? Do you feel have less time to do your homework each night? Do you feel you need more class time with your teachers for more help and understanding? Well I have a solution. I propose that Carmen should start doing block schedule because this will give the students an opportunity to get more one on one with their teachers for longer class periods and to have less homework each night so that students aren't staying up late. 2)We should have block schedules at Carmen so that students are having more work time in class and less homework at night that causes them to stay up late. Having a block schedule will allow students to have less homework at night this also prevents them from staying up late. My friend who goes to a school that once had no block schedule. She had said they had changed to block schedule and that everything went very well for her after that. She was less tired which prevented her from falling asleep in class. Also she had more completed work in on time.…show more content…
For example, my cousin does not have block schedule at his school and he said that he never gets the one on one connections with his teacher and sometimes needs more time with the teacher. He also said that the teacher doesn't always have time to finish the whole subject, which puts them behind in class. This example shows that because of not having block schedule it give them limited time in class not being able to complete a full topic. This causes them to fall behind and their grades could eventually drop. This proposal is beneficial to both students and teachers. Block schedule is very important to proposal to all people. This will alway them to understand the struggle without it and the causes it has on the staff and
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