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Should Books be Banned, or Are They Worth Reading?
Are people throwing away free speech when they ban a book? Banning books has become more of a regular thing day-by-day. Some say that by challenging and banning books makes one “soft”. There are many books with usage of profanity and slurs, and many people have accepted it as okay, but many find it as a disgrace. One argument that book enthusiasts often bring up is that the very books that are being banned and challenged teach great lessons to children and even adults around the world. Children should also learn to face these explicit things at a young age because they need to prepare for those things when they are older is another belief of many people. Many people believe that banning books is unnecessary, while others--especially parents--think the content should be kept unseen by their children. Many parents believe that their children should not be unprotected from explicit content. believes that, “Children should not be exposed to sex, violence, drug use, or other inappropriate topics in school or public libraries” ( Parents just want the best for their children, and is just trying to support them with their list of pros to banning books. This quote is just one of multiple reasons why they think books should be banned, but it is one that sticks out
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There are many good reasons to support both sides of the argument. For example, there are multiple ways that these books that are being challenged and banned can negatively impact people in many ways. Also, people believe parents are trying to control their kids by keeping them from these books with explicit content, rather than letting them face that their going to be around those things someday. The question lies, though, should books be banned because of explicit content, or can those books teach people a

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