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Young girls being sent home for breaking the dress code rules is nothing new, but it 's big news these days apparently. Last night my brother and I were in a heated discussion (heated because we both have very strong opinions and loud voices and we 're stubborn. lol) over this topic. I 'm not that much of a prude, and I certainly have not been known as a rule keeper in my past, but I get the dress code thing. In my working life, if I was on machinery, the rule was to not wear anything that could get caught in the machine, tie up my hair, and no dangling jewellery. I was smart enough to know not to break those rules. Mind you, even though I practiced safety I did my part in protesting against injustice, namely the injustice directed towards me about me telling supervisors where to go in a rather unpleasant way. lol. I guess I picked my battles, and…show more content…
I also might have rethought my position after I cooled down because I really wanted what they had and they were the only place that served that particular dish. I 'd cave in, but silently protesting. Today, I 'm not the most daring dresser, although in different circumstances and a different body I would be wearing that little black mini dress, crop top, booty shorts and anything I wanted that I thought would be appropriate for me. I would most likely think as well that what I 'm wearing doesn 't affect how I work or learn. I would be right in thinking that. It would be my choice to not follow my workplace dress code or the school dress code and I would understand that there would be repercussions should I do my own thing. With that being said, I still dress how I want, claiming that my style is 'no style

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